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Over the years, Pranav Vikas (PVL) has successfully embraced the economic and technological transitions by offering relevant products and services in order to meet the changing customer requirements. Starting off as a condenser manufacturer for Automotive AC applications about 2 decades ago, PVL today is one of the largest heat-exchanger manufacturers in the country, having successfully diversified into adjacent products & market segments. The company today boosts of a wide range of Aluminum heat exchangers like condensers, evaporators, heater cores, Radiators & Oil-coolers for varied applications, both in the Automotive as well as the non-automotive segments.

In order to strengthen our business and be future-ready, we are in the process of significantly enhancing our R&D capability and infrastructure. Today our engineers are successfully able to work on various simulation software's in order to provide optimized and first-time right products at much shorter lead-times. This, together with our extensive testing facilities, provides high levels of reliability in our products. At the same time we shall continue to work on designs that will help us to optimize costs and enhance our focus on localization.

The Micro-tube manufacturing facility that has just been commissioned in Ranjangaon, Pune is a major step towards localization. This would not only allow us to have a better cost but would also enable us to work towards design optimization in order to meet enhanced expectation of performance & reliability.

We will continue to enhance our organizational capabilities by developing and engaging our talent towards our success factors of Innovation, Market Agility and Financial prudence. At the same time we will continue to develop a "culture of execution" with speed. We will continue to leverage the significant talent pool available within the VIKAS group, while using this as an opportunity to provide growth opportunities for our people. One thing that shall always remain constant is the entrepreneurial spirit, which has been the driving force behind PVL growth and success.

The cycle of current economic slowdown would continue to pose various challenges for any business. We recognize the brutal facts that we could be would be confronted with. Driving efficiency with relentless pursuit towards excellence would be the key. Pranav Vikas management team would continue to be vigilant in order to successfully weather any rough terrain ahead.

The VIKAS Group’s core ideologies of challenge, innovation, wisdom & harmony together with suitably empowering our people, are likely to prove invaluable in successfully steering Pranav Vikas into the future.

We will continue to be focused on our purpose of providing human comfort by providing innovative heat-exchange solutions, which shall be done including all the stakeholders collaboratively.


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