E-Mobility Solutions

E-Mobility Solutions

Battery and Traction Cooling System

Battery Cooling System Electric Commercial Vehicle, Electric Passenger Vehicle

PVL’s expertise in the cooling of the Lithium-Ion batteries has enabled it to developed a wide range of the battery cooling system for commercial vehicles in sync with Government of India’s FAME policy. Its BCS product portfolio ranges from 1kW to 10kW battery cooling systems covering a wide range of electric vehicles in the commercial segment.

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Traction Motor Cooling System Electric Commercial Vehicle, Electric Passenger Vehicle

Electric motor is the prime mover for the electric vehicle. However they need to be maintained at the optimal temperature level for the better efficiency & long life using a Traction Motor Cooling System (TCS).

PVL has developed traction motor cooling using a sophisticated algorithm & control mechanism to deliver the optimum level of motor temperature at higher efficiency. Our current TCS portfolio ranges from 7kW to 10kW however customised solutions can also be provided based on customer requirements.

Product Features: Optimized and efficient system

CAN controlled pump & PWM controlled Fan

  • ECU with control logic to optimize electric power consumption and maintain desired motor temperature
  • Efficient cooling leading to improved motor life
  • Light Weight and Low initial cost
  • Compact and light weight Aluminium structure
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Long running times for radiator fans due to brushless technology
  • Low energy consumption and running cost
  • Other Advantages
  • Low noise and vibration
  • On board diagnostics and easy to maintain and operate