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E-Mobility Solutions

Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System (EVTMS)

Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System (EVTMS) Electric Commercial Vehicle

Electric Vehicle is the need of hour as the excessive usage of IC Engine driven Vehicles has depleted the ozone layer to a significant level. With new technology into the market, challenges come hand in hand.

Thermal Management of the Electric Vehicle has been identified as one of the critical parameter in defining the life, durability, mileage of the vehicle and the safety of its occupants.

In comparison to IC Vehicle, areas of thermal management or the number of components for which thermal management needs to be done is higher and rather complex.

As the thermal management system is the second highest energy consuming source after the powertrain of the vehicle, an efficient and reliable design becomes inevitable to ensure last mile driving range.

As the metropolitan cities are also growing exponentially in size, single charge mileage requirement is also increasing day by day. A noble approach named Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System (EVTMS) has been proposed to mitigate the thermal management systems integration challenges, and to utilize the last Joule of energy without being wasted.

Primary objective was to overcome the challenges faced by Heat Pump System. EVTMS is very unique in its design, delivering the much better system COP under Cold Climate in comparison to a Heat Pump System. The overall thermal system size and complexity is also reduced to a great extent with more simplified architecture, higher reliability and mileage friendly solution.

It serves Active Heating and Heat Recovery modes to cover all the operating requirements of Thermal Management System of an EV. Rigorous testing and validation has proved the system viability and significant improvement in the single charge mileage.