E-Mobility Solutions

E-Mobility Solutions

Cabin Cooling System

Cabin Cooling System Electric Commercial Vehicle, Electric Passenger Vehicle

A range of all-electric rooftop air-conditioning units is the newest addition to PVL’s product portfolio. Specifically oriented to the demands of the Indian market, it places special emphasis on lightweight construction, performance and simple installation. In addition, customers also have the option of PTC heating.

Low life-cycle costs

  •  Low consumption of energy due to low unit weight
  •  Short dimensions allow space for battery system on the roof
  •  Long duration due to brushless EC blowers
  •  Nearly maintenance-free

Environmentally friendly

  • Safety against leakage due to the hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit
  • Noise emissions optimized


  • Cooling capacity from 25 to 38 kW
  • Heating with PTC heater as an option
  • Tropical version: deployment up to 55°C outside temperature

Range of driving

  • Maximization of the range due to the low unit weight
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Variable regulation of the PTC heater


  • Integrated compressor, no installation of refrigerant lines necessary
  • Designed for R 407C